R4TH 2019 Proudly Presented by

Redcliffe Concert


Saturday,  31th August 2019


Picnic Hill, Cnr Oxley & Anzac

Aims and Objectives:

To partner with a local Homeless group and fundraise towards specific projects that leave a lasting legacy in the community.

To educate the community on what homelessness really means and looks like in their local community.

Connect the music industry with local community groups & projects.

Provide entertainment via great Australian original music and show how the music industry can band together to make a difference.

To share the model with other community groups and guide them through the event management working towards a national initiative.

Enhance community spirit and connect with local issues.

Who is the Redcliffe Charity:

The Breakfast Club provide free meals for the homeless and those in need on the Redcliffe Peninsula. The Breakfast Club is run solely by an amazing team of volunteers and have no paid staff.

The Breakfast Club has been running successfully for almost 13 years and currently serve around 1500 meals per month.  Guests enjoy a full cooked breakfast including beverages – all for free.  Some are homeless, others are on low or fixed income and struggling to make ends meet.  For many, it is a great opportunity to mix with other people in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

This group is non-funded by any tier of Government

The “Rockin 4 the Homeless” event will provide funds for the group to provide food for meals and to pay the rent for their hall and storage facility.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors:

History of the event so far:

To date, five events have been held in Redcliffe Queensland to raise money for a group called The Breakfast Club. This team of 100 percent volunteers provide over 1200 meals per month as well as outreach services to the coalface of the needs in the community.

 The group opened a Hub in 2017 and this is fully funded by the “Rockin 4 for the Homeless” events. They see up to 50 clients twice a week and have outgrown this space in the first year. This group is non-funded by any tier of Government.

The bands that have played throughout the first five years include:

  • Mental as Anything
  • Hoodoo Gurus
  • Angry Anderson
  • Diana Anaid

Over 100 local acts have played at the event with over 450 applications from bands expressing interest in participating.

“Rockin 4 the Homeless” goes on tour in 2019 with the first events outside of Redcliffe QLD. Since 2013 the team have been refining the model and getting support and exposure worldwide. 

Support from the likes of Tash Sultana/The Offspring/Jo Satriani/Hoodoo Gurus and far too many more to name. In the process we also managed to raise over $200,000 for the Homeless in just five shows.

The event is run by 100 percent volunteers and music industry powerbrokers. 100 percent of all money raised goes to the homeless. No fat-cat CEO wages or flash cars to be seen. Our director, Dan Nebe, has put over 6000 hours into the project and has never received a cent for his time. He has dedicated his free time to the homeless cause and has a tsunami of followers assisting him.

What will it be….?

The event is a 12-hour festival format. Two stages running alternatively with an MC between acts. One major headliner with 12-20 local and imported bands.

Who controls the Money…?

The local charity controls the money. Rockin 4 the Homeless has never touched the money and never will. We are good at running the event, the chosen Charity are good at providing the service to the community. We insist on the following.

Charity must be registered with ASIC and Office of Fair Trading.

No less than 80 percent of funds raised must go to local based homeless projects.

Two complete and independent audits must be completed for each event.

An independent financial controller is appointed by the recipient charity.

Our Target….

The target depends on many factors. Geographic area is the main factor and the line-up of Acts is the determining price. Last year, our one event at Redcliffe raised $49, 275.

With two internationally recognised headliners for 2019 – You Am I & the SuperJesus we are aiming to raise in excess of $70 000 for our cause.


The event is fully funded via sponsorship – every cent raised from ticket sales, raffles & auctions goes back to the Charity.  There are varied levels of sponsorship – from Naming Rights @ $10,000 – all the way through to individual items such as band transport for $1,000.

We anticipate that we will secure sponsorship from the Qld Government, Local Members of Parliament, Corporate Businesses, Local Service Clubs and Local Small Businesses.


The event will receive extensive media coverage.  Support is already secured with local radio stations.

Print media including the Redcliffe Herald/Redcliffe Guide will be ongoing leading up to the event.

A3 posters will be put up all around the region as well as leaflets & flyers handed out at many events on the Peninsula leading up to the event.

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