Dirty Liars

Bikini clad, cartoon curved, thrill seeking Mandy Moo’s miscreant misfits, DIRTY LIARS celebrate all that is fast, dirty and wild. Delve into the depths of Dirty Liars and you are kicking up sonics that have been swept under the carpet since the 60’s ranging from Garage to 70’s Proto Punk Rock,… doused with a Twisted,.. Sexy,… Anachronistic Quirk.
Glaswegian Scott guitarist Ian McDirt, bass swinging hoodlum, Klint Mahoney with blood dripping A&E escapee Ben Woods on Drums creates a tension-crazed-sonic fury, which is perfect for Moo’s wild,.. but solid stage presence which takes the punter on a journey equivalent to a night of tequila slammers.
Teaming up again with Canadian engineer Jeff Lester to capture the evolution of their sound.
The success of Innerspace saw BGC tour the East coast of Australia twice, have their lead single featured on ABC TV’s RAGE, land #14 on 4ZZZ Hot 100 and gig with the likes of King of The North, Custard, WAAX, Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Butterfingers, Black Rheno, Hobo Magic, The Dead Love and many more.
“My Days” is the first single off the upcoming self-titled album due in early 2019.
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